20th November 2015 - The Wytches & Room 94.

In september, I was asked to engineer the tracking and mix sessions of the forthcoming 2nd album by Brighton-based band 'The Wytches'. the album was being produced by Jim Sclavunos (The Bad Seeds, The Horrors) and was completed at Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire.

It was the first session in a long time using tape for the main tracks. We were recording in studio 1 and used the in-house Otari MTR90. We had the band play live for the main tracks, leaving room lead vocal overdubs and some additional guitars. 

The tapes were then dumped to Pro-Tools and transferred to Chapel Studio 2 for mixing. The mix was completed on a Neotek Elite console using a combination of plugins and an along gear. 


Almost immediately after returning from The Wytches session I was in rehearsing and pre-producing with Room 94 for their next album. The songs are sounding great and I'm looking forward to getting the recording under way!