28th November - Room 94 album recording

We've just finished tracking all the songs for the next Room 94 album 'The Lost Youth'. 

We recorded the drums in 2 separate sessions. One at Livingston Studio 1, and one at The Pool. Both of these are amazing studios and by having Dean play along to the demo recording we have worked on we were able to get some amazing drum sounds. 

Once the drums were completed, it was back to my studio in Parsons Green to track guitars (in the newly constructed iso-cab), bass, vocals and any other additional bits and pieces. 

I'm really pleased with how the songs are sounding and excited to get stuck into the mix! The first track is set for free-release next week so looking forward to seeing what kind of response it gets.

20th November 2015 - The Wytches & Room 94.

In september, I was asked to engineer the tracking and mix sessions of the forthcoming 2nd album by Brighton-based band 'The Wytches'. the album was being produced by Jim Sclavunos (The Bad Seeds, The Horrors) and was completed at Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire.

It was the first session in a long time using tape for the main tracks. We were recording in studio 1 and used the in-house Otari MTR90. We had the band play live for the main tracks, leaving room lead vocal overdubs and some additional guitars. 

The tapes were then dumped to Pro-Tools and transferred to Chapel Studio 2 for mixing. The mix was completed on a Neotek Elite console using a combination of plugins and an along gear. 


Almost immediately after returning from The Wytches session I was in rehearsing and pre-producing with Room 94 for their next album. The songs are sounding great and I'm looking forward to getting the recording under way! 


Last week I got back in the studio with the Hastings-based band Kid Kapichi.

The single 'Doctors Note', produced and mixed by me, has been picked up and played by Steve Lamacq on Radio 6 so the band and I got back together to record a few more tracks.

We've just finished tracking and I'll be mixing next week but I'm really pleased with how the tracks are sounding and can't wait to finish them off!


So the latest Enter Shikari record 'The Mindsweep' came out last monday. After a great first week it settled at number 6 in the album charts. Great result!

Big love to everyone involved in this one. Including Dan Weller, everyone at Mythophonic management, the guys at PIAS, and of course the band themselves! Very proud to have been a part of the record and have a feeling there are even bigger things to come for the band this year. Can't wait to see it all unfold!